A guide for service providers on PPE

During COVID-19 providers may need to increase the use of PPE as part of meeting Department of Health guidelines, internal risk management and at the request of their workforce and participants. The following resources provide access to the information for service providers requiring PPE.


I’d like to better understand how to prevent and control the spread of infection

  • Training applies to all direct service delivery, including in residential, shared care facilities, a person home and in the community where there is close contact
  • Training should be the starting point for all workers in disability
  • Can be completed in 30-minutes completely online and is free to access

 Register for COVID-19 infection control training website (Department of Health)


I’m considering using PPE and want to understand more about when it might be needed

  • Good hygiene is important in preventing the spread of coronavirus and should always be practised whether additional PPE is being used or not
  • Some PPE should be worn if contact with bodily fluids may occur
  • Additional PPE should be worn where the client has had a potential exposure, has symptoms or is a confirmed case of coronavirus

Department of Health Disability Care Providers fact sheet


I’m using PPE and want to understand more about how it should be used effectively

  • Any person using PPE should have completed the COVID-19 infection control training as a minimum
  • Good infection control starts with proper hand washing, correct use of appropriate PPE and disposal
  • Incorrect use of PPE can dramatically impact it’s effectiveness

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment for disability support workers


I need to use facemasks, but my usual supplier doesn’t have them in stock or they are too expensive to purchase

  • Facemasks are available through the National Medical Stockpile for providers who meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • cannot access PPE through their usual means, and
    • receives or delivers personal care or other activities that require close physical contact, where:
      • the participant has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or
      • there is an immediate threat to the continuity of safe quality care due to a lack of access to PPE supplies, and
      • there is a clinical need for PPE.
  • The National Medical Stockpile is only able to provide facemasks – other forms of PPE can only be accessed through other channels

Application link for PPE


I need PPE that isn’t a facemask or I’m not eligible to access the National Medical Stockpile

  • If you are looking for a general supply of PPE, there are many private suppliers and organisations supporting the disability sector
  • Your local pharmacy, doctor, BLCW Regional Coordinator or other local disability providers might be able to help you
  • The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has a list of approved PPE suppliers
  • To assist businesses in sourcing the supplies they need, including PPE, the Victorian Government has developed a series of directories to help identify suitable suppliers of locally manufactured products

TGA list

Link to Victorian Government Medical Equipment and PPE Supplier Directories


The BLCW Program website has published a series of articles and resources designed to help providers navigate COVID-19 information.

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