Ability First Australia’s Frontline Leader Project Launches

Ability First Australia has completed a project that defines the role, competencies, and capabilities of the Frontline Leader in the Disability Sector.

Of the launch of the project, Ability First Australia CEO Andrew Rowley said, “A major part of a participant’s experience of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a result of their interaction with the workforce; the need for quality, well-trained staff is therefore of the utmost importance.  We believe that the Frontline Leader Project, and continued strategic investment in this area, has the potential to achieve the objectives of the NDIS and, critically, the outcomes for participants.”

This work is designed for use by Frontline Workers/Leaders and staff from HR/People and Culture Departments, and we encourage you to invest some time in reviewing and downloading these online resources via the Ability First Australia website.

The online resources include information related to the common tasks undertaken by frontline leaders, participants’ views about their interactions with frontline leaders, guidance on how the frontline leader role is expected to evolve in the future, a capability leadership framework, an educational framework with mapping against a number of currently recognised courses, an online capability assessment tool, as well as useful toolkits to support recruitment, onboarding and training in the sector.

The Frontline Leader Project is one of 16 projects funded under the Jobs and Market Fund (JMF), announced in the 2018-19 Budget to support the growth of the NDIS market and workforce.  The project also complements the priority actions in the NDIS National Workforce Plan: 2021-2025.

For more information visit https://abilityfirstaustralia.org.au/about-us/frontline-leader-project/