Preparing for the unexpected: Building organisational resilience through business continuity planning

Business continuity plan

The organisational resilience of care and support providers has been tested over the last decade. Providers have had to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, manage the increasing costs of energy and other goods and services, and compete for workers in one of the tightest labour markets Australia has ever seen.

Business continuity planning is essential for organisations to succeed in an operating environment with social, environmental, and economic uncertainty. This is particularly true of businesses operating in the care and support sector, who are often the front line in times of crisis, assisting our most vulnerable citizens.

To support providers with organisational resilience and business continuity planning, Boosting the Local Care Workforce’s program partner, Community Services Industry Alliance, has developed several resources and toolkits:

More information on disability inclusive disaster resilience and the person-centred emergency preparedness can be found here.