Readiness Assessment

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What is the Readiness Assessment?

The Readiness Assessment is a self-assessment of your organisation’s existing systems, processes and overall readiness to either become a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered provider or sustain or expand services as a registered provider.

The Readiness Assessment was created by Ernst & Young (EY) to support the Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program.

What is the benefit of completing the Readiness Assessment?

After completing the Readiness Assessment, a Readiness Plan will be generated based on your responses. The Readiness Plan will provide you with a snapshot of your organisation’s current business model and overall readiness across five domains: financial sustainability; organisational strategy; governance; people and capability; and performance measurement. The Readiness Plan includes suggested actions that your organisation may wish to consider taking, to support your organisation to be equipped for NDIS reform.

The Readiness Plan also allows you to understand how your assessment compares with the industry average. This industry average is defined as the average of all responses received, updated on a quarterly rolling basis.

Your Readiness Plan will be used as a discussion guide if you apply and are successful for Transition Assistance Funding, however the Readiness Plan will not be used to determine the success of Transition Assistance Funding applications.

How to complete the Readiness Assessment?

The Readiness Assessment should take less than 20 minutes to complete. It should be completed by someone in the organisation who has a strong understanding of the organisation across five domains: financial sustainability; organisational strategy; governance; people and capability; and performance measurement. Where relevant, the person completing the Readiness Assessment should consult with colleagues across the organisation to ensure that the responses properly reflect the organisation’s current readiness.

For each question, you will be asked to select a score between 1 (representing ‘Does not exist’) and 7 (representing ‘Highly developed’). The middle score of 4 represents ‘Adequate.’ Examples have been provided for ‘Adequate’ and ‘Highly developed’ for each question. These examples are a guide only.

Responses to all questions are necessary to complete the assessment, however there may be some questions that do not apply in some circumstances. For example, questions relating to a board skill set for a sole trader. In situations where a question is not relevant, select ‘Does not exist’ – equivalent to 1 on the scale - and interpret the results accordingly.

Need help?

If you require any assistance with completing the Readiness Assessment or if you have any questions please visit the contact us page and we will arrange for a representative to speak with you.

Terms and Conditions

In accepting these Terms of Service, you acknowledge that the Readiness Assessment and Readiness Plan delivered as a component of the Boosting Local Care Workforce Program ("BLCW Program") are to be used a guide and advisory tool only. The feedback you receive from the Readiness Plan is based on an automated analysis of the information you provide and does not, in any way, provide validation to practices in your organisation or your wider compliance with any legislation.

All organisations and service providers affiliated with the BLCW Program ("Affiliated Parties"), including Ernst & Young (EY), as the lead contracted organisation for the BLCW Program, and the Department of Social Services, shall not be responsible for how the Readiness Assessment and Readiness Plan is interpreted or utilised by you or your organisation. EY, the Department of Social Services and other Affiliated Parties disclaim all liability to any person or organisation in respect of anything, and of the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance, whether wholly or partially, upon any information presented in the Readiness Assessment and Readiness Plan. View the full Department of Social Services Disclaimer here

Transition Assistance Funding

Your Readiness Plan may be used as a discussion guide if you receive BLCW Program Transition Assistance Funding. While a complete Readiness Plan is a requirement for receiving BLCW Program Transition Assistance Funding, the answers will not affect the selection process for Transition Assistance Funding recipients.

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