Allied Health Assistant

Allied health assistant with participant

Allied health services are critical to the wellbeing of many people, especially for those with a disability. However, access to some allied health services can be difficult because of the current high demand and a shortage of practitioners. Several providers are looking at innovative ways in which to address this demand, including the use of Allied Health Assistants (AHA) to support allied health practitioners.

Boosting the Local Care Workforce (BLCW) has partnered with CINCH Transform to produce two workshops:

  • financial sustainability of the AHA role in your organisation; and
  • human resources issues to consider when using AHAs

These workshops and the related resources can be found here.

BLCW has also partnered with Cathy Love, Nacre Consulting, to produce a webinar for business owners and managers who are considering implementing AHAs in their organisation. The webinar recording can be found here.

These webinars and workshops form part of BLCW’s broader suite of tools and resources to support the implementation of Allied Health Assistants within the care and support sector.

Further resources: